This is where it all begins. Tap a clip to launch it.

If the clip has an enabled instrument the channel will generate audio. It if has an enabled controller, control data will be sent to all currently playing clips on the channel.

If the clip has FX but no enabled instrument, the channel will react in one of two ways. If there are currently instruments playing on the channel, the FX will be added inline to the channel signal chain. If the channel has no instruments currently playing, it will become a send channel and the FX will be added to the send signal chain. The Mixer screen will add a colour coded send knob for all channels.

Adding an instrument to a send channel will instantly stop the send and change the channel back to an instrument channel.

The video launcher works in much the same way. Clips with video files will start playing when launched. Any FX added subsequently will be added inline with that channel. If FX are launched on a stopped video channel, it will become a Master FX channel. After blending all of the playing video channels, these master FX are then applied - from left to right.