The granular synth plays audio files in small segments to create any number of sounds and textures. The envelope shaper in the top left is used to modulate the amplitude of the selected waveform portion which can be resized with a pinch gesture. Spray controls the random movement of the playback head on repetition. Shift can create positive or negative motion of each repetition of the sample. Mod adds random pitch modulation to the sample of each repetition. The second row of controls are a standard ADSR filter. The keyboard has an 11 octave range, controllable by the bottom slider.

This sample based drum machine can be loaded with any samples from within Takete. Each drum has a pad (with a waveform preview inside), pitch, decay and volume controls. The step sequencer can be any length - controlled by the loop length of the clip. Enter edit mode to load samples into the four drum pads.

Portions of the sample can be enabled/disabled and their volume modulated to create new patterns using any audio file. The measure units (semiquaver, beats, bars) are controlled by the visual measure size of the clip (see editing). The loop length is also controlled by the clip parameters.

This instrument acts as a live audio looper. Audio is fed in from the end of its channels signal chain (including inline FX but not session FX). Whilst recording, audio is captured. Once recording has ended the captured audio is played back in a loop at the pitch and volume specified by the controls. The save button is used to store the current audio file, otherwise it is overwritten on the next record.
Entering edit mode, auto start/stop modes are used to automatically trigger recording. Auto start when enabled will automatically start recording when the clip is launched. Auto stop will automatically stop recording based on the clip loop length parameter to create a tempo sync'd loop. Hold allows recording by holding the record button rather than latching until re-pressed to stop.