Scroll to change the current session tempo. Use Tap to enter the tempo by tapping - useful for beat matching with an external source. RST performs a reset of the bar, also useful for beat matching.

New, open, close and delete operations for session files. Also can import/export sessions as .tkts files.

Manage all files within Takete. Tap on a video file to export it to the camera roll.

Connect to external display for performance. Can be used with a HDMI, VGA adaptor or using Airplay. Mode sets the output resolution.

Start and stop recording. There are four record modes: Audio, Video, Both and Combine. Audio records just the audio output, Video does the same for video output. Both records both as separate files whereas Combine will record both and combine the results as a video file. The recorded files can be found in the Takete Documents folder in iTunes.

The Group option turns on a very useful control to help with larger sets. By swiping up on the launcher screen, it will show a stack of the currently playing clips only. The CPU meter is a very accurate indication of how much the CPU is being used and is particular useful on slower devices.

Connect is used to connect wireless MIDI devices. Learn shows a list of currently controlled MIDI parameters and from here they can be removed.