Mix between dry and wet signal. Delay sets the pre-delay amount. Decay to control the length of the reverb. Size simulates the size of the physical reverb space. The two EQ graphs control the input and tank frequency response respectively.

Mix between dry and wet signal. Time sets delay time. Feedback to control the amount of repeats. The EQ graph controls the filtering of the delay signal. The delay time can be changed from fixed to a bpm-sync'd value using edit mode.

The left side of the compressor is the sidechain module. Activate it by tapping on Input, the channel number for the sidechain input is selected next to it. Underneath is the low/high pass filter with EQ graph control for processing the sidechain input.
Attack and Release control the timing of the compressor. Input acts as a threshold control, Ratio controls the gain reduction and Output sets the output gain.

Mix the dry and overdriven signal. Gain to control amount of overdrive and Filter to control the high frequency content.

Bit rate to reduce the bit rate of the output.